Modern Hypnosis (Part Two)

The Father of Modern Hypnosis Says…(Part 2)174 Instant Hypnosis Titles http://www.Instant-Hypnosis.comLast week I introduced you to Dr Milton H. Erickson, the father of modern hypnosis.If you missed Part One of this two part article click here to read it now.We finished off Part One last week with the question you might be asking about the relevance of Milton Erickson and your self-development plans which may include Instant Hypnosis programs.‘Why does this have anything to do with my self-development?’Back Read more [...]

Expand Your Consciousness of Connection Libra Total Lunar Eclipse Meditation & Healing Ceremony ‘Celebrate the Divine Idea of You!’

25° Libra Full MoonTotal Lunar EclipseBLOOD RED MOONApril 15, 2014 :42am PTVoid of Course TIME ZONE CONVERTER: As the Libra Full Moon goes void of course exactly at the Full Moon the best time for your full moon healing ceremony is when the Full Moon enters Scorpio at 9:20am PT on the same day until the Moon goes void of course on April 17th at :09am PT. The Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is a wonderful time for focusing Read more [...]

Online Psychic Courses – Effective Or Not?

Average: Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote) The popularity of psychic readings, palm readers, and fortunetellers has skyrocketed in the second half of the twentieth century, and still continues today, due to the New Age spirituality movement. With the newly arrived booming psychic business lies the question of whether or not psychic ability can be attained for people themselves to use. After all, if psychic readers could make their living from “psychic powers” Read more [...]

RARE Tetrad of Total Lunar Eclipses in 2014 & 2015 with Exact Dates – Consciousness of Connection Expands!

The Libra Total Lunar Eclipse (and coming RARE Tetrad of Total Lunar Eclipses in 2014 & 2015) are ALL about the consciousness of connection - being in relationship with others through being ‘connected’ with the Divine Idea of you within yourself! 25° Libra Full MoonTotal Lunar EclipseBLOOD RED MOONApril 15, 2014 :42am PTVoid of Course The Libra Full Moon is an especially potent and rather complex Full Moon as it is a Total Lunar Eclipse conjunct Mars retrograde Read more [...]

Best Psychic Readings

I have two main pet peeves. I can’t stand people who get multiple readings and people who pick their scabs. My brother used to have the nasty habit of picking his scabs when we were younger. I suppose that he got some kind of sick pleasure out of reopening a wound and watching it bleed. Or maybe it was a cry for help. Besides, blood trickling down a child’s knee is definitely an attention getter. I still can remember people’s response. First, they’d ask Read more [...]

Why Intentions & Affirmations May Not Work – Part III: Competing Intentions

Now that you understand how to craft clear and powerful intentions, you may still find yourself thinking that they are not working. I just figured out another new reason why this could be the case: your intentions may be in direct competition with each other!!Well we live in very complex environments, and we ask for many things in many areas of our lives. What we may desire in one area (like business) may not be what we want to experience in another area (like recreation). Let Read more [...]

Everything In Life Is a Choice

Average: Your rating: None Average: 4 (1 vote) Everything In Life Is a Choice I am not going to write some upbeat, unrealistic article about how you should take responsibility for your life, because ultimately, “you” create your experiences with your choices and actions. I am not going to do that because I don’t believe that it is true. Children don’t choose to be abused. Women don’t choose to be victims of sexual assault or raped. And people damn Read more [...]

Beyond Intentions: Embodying Your Co-Creative Power

While becoming consciously aware of your thoughts and beliefs, and re-choosing and re-focusing them through intentions are extremely important, there is an even higher state of manifesting, or consciously co-creating your reality. Evolutionarily speaking, this is an advanced concept, and even more challenging to maintain. Otherwise, we would all simply just do it. Embodiment. I love this word as it captures so much of what, and perhaps, more significantly, how, the Read more [...]

“Wanting to be Safe”

By Larry Crane, Release Technique Perhaps at times you have noticed your heart is racing while watching a movie or listening to a negative conversation. If this is your experience, you can be certain that you may actually be in a state of panic or fear. By regularly listening to the news or watching action-flicks may actually result in our subconsciously conditioning ourselves to experience a feeling of being out of control or unsafe. Just Read more [...]

What are you expecting?

By Larry Crane, Release Technique If you’re expecting good things most of the time, please stop right in this moment and give yourself a pat on the back! Bravo to you! Realistically we should all be expecting good things at all times. Truth appears that most times, most folks tend to expect somewhat unfortunate outcomes. Think about this for a moment… Perhaps you have used phrases such as, “Too expensive… too good to be true… I can’t… Read more [...]