Take Advantage of the Enormous Potential of Your Mind

Take Advantage of the Enormous Potential of Your Mind

Inspire3 creates powerful products that help you unlock the power of your mind, using scientifically-proven methods.

It is currently responsible for eight leading web brands, including Hypnosis Live and the Brain Evolution System. Please feel free to browse the products below and take advantage of the huge potential of your ultimate mind.

Zen12 – One Hour’s Meditation In 12 Minutes

Zen12 is an audio meditation program. It uses 12-minute brainwave MP3s to help you achieve deep meditation, quicker than ever before.

Zen12 works by using special “brainwave sounds.” Just by listening, you get to experience 1-hour’s worth of ultra-deep meditation — all in just 12 minutes.

You don’t have to focus. You don’t have to cross your legs. You don’t even have to try and empty your mind. You just have to listen, and the brainwave audio does the rest.

Zen12 - One Hour's Meditation In 12 Minutes


Hypnosis Live – Download Hypnosis MP3

Over 200 powerful hypnosis MP3s, all available for instant download! Change Any Area of Your Life! Confidence, Phobias, Wealth, Health & More, Using Hypnosis! FREE GIFT! Download your FREE Stress Relief Hypnosis MP3 from Hypnosis Live

Free Hypnosis Live MP3




Subliminal Guru – Subliminal MP3 Superstore

Subliminal Guru is one of the web’s biggest subliminal superstores. They have over 4,000 hand-crafted Subliminal MP3s for instant download, covering practically everything. (And if they don’t have the album you want, they’ll create it for you.)

I’ve teamed up with them to offer you TWO Subliminal Guru albums at absolutely NO COST, to give you an awesome introduction to the site and Subliminals in general!

Subliminals (in the world of self-help) are powerful little audio MP3s that can really help to CHANGE your life… all just by playing them in the background while you get on with your day!

Whatever you want, just play the MP3 album in the background while you get on with your day… and you’re done!

Subliminals work by sending thousands of positive little affirmations straight to your subconscious mind, helping to “reprogram” your mind at the deepest possible level.

Subliminal Guru - Subliminal MP3 Superstore

Brain Evolution System – Meditation Program

Uncover the Profound Benefits of the Brain Evolution System! All You Need to Do Is Sit Back – And Slip On Your Headphones. Then Let These Powerful Brainwave CDs Work Their Magic!

  • Release STRESS… Enjoy More RELAXATION… Master EMOTIONS…
  • Increase BRAIN POWER… Think SHARPER… Improve MEMORY…
  • Raise Your MOOD… Rocket Your ENERGY LEVELS… Sleep LESS…
  • Just By Listening to an MP3, Which We’ll Give You FREE!

Can you imagine slipping on your headphones for just a few minutes a day And watching your life absolutely TURN AROUND — in just WEEKS?

I’m talking about real, positive, PROFOUND life-change — just by listening to some of the most relaxing, beautifully-crafted, brainwave meditation recordings you’ve ever heard.

Doesn’t that sound like a self-development dream come true? I’m talking about a program that allows you to:

  • Eliminate ALL STRESS and ANXIETY! —
  • Become immune to all future stress… Dissolve anxiety and tension… Relax more… Improve the quality of your sleep… Require less sleep…
  • Dramatically SHARPEN Your Thinking! — Boost your mental capacity… Improve your memory… Become more creative…
  • Blast through studies and complicated material… Increase focus and brain power…
  • Massively Boost Your MOOD & Happiness! — Permanently increase your mood… Enjoy more energy… Master your emotions…
  • Overcome negative blocks… Let go of depression… Release grief….

Brain Evolution: DELETE STRESS, Relax More, and Boost your Brain Power. All By Listening to This Simple MP3!

Brain Salon – MP3s That Change How You Feel

New Scientifically-Proven Brainwave MP3’s Enable You To Change How You Feel – In Just 30 Minutes – Or Less! Brain Salon is a series of 6 MP3 brainwave recordings for focus, sleep, relaxation & more.

A switch that could instantly:

  • TURBO-CHARGE your FOCUS, enabling you to BLAST through your work at LIGHTENING speeds!
  • BOOST the HAPPY CHEMICALS in your brain, seriously improving your mood and making you feel great!
  • TRIGGER the ultimate in mind & body RELAXATION, allowing you to enjoy the absolute best night’s sleep you’ve ever had!

It's time to take COMMAND of your brain, and amaze yourself with the results! Click Here!

Nitrofocus – Rocket Focus & Productivity Levels

Discover the scientific solution to increasing your productivity. Get more done in less time!

Nitrofocus is a brainwave MP3 program. It uses special sounds to increase your brain’s focus levels, helping you become ultra-productive in just minutes. Listen on repeat while you work, and see the results for yourself!

Just listen – and increase your output: More focus, productivity & results.

Nitrofocus is a simple MP3 audio program, designed to increase your productivity, by activating your “focus brainwaves.”

It works by mixing special brainwave tones, which get your brain into “The Zone”, with distraction-blocking background sounds.

The result? A simple collection of MP3s that you can listen to while you work, each helping you increase focus and get more done in less time. And it’s all 100% backed by science, too.

Get to INBOX ZERO in just minutes, by listening to THIS SIMPLE MP3 file!

Sleep Salon – Enjoy Your Best Night’s Sleep

To sleep FAST – by listening to this audio!

Scientifically-proven brainwave MP3 sends you to sleep – in just minutes.

  • Are you spending night after night, staring up at the ceiling?
  • Do you often suffer from insomnia, or sleeplessness?
  • Trouble getting to sleep due to pain, stress, caffeine addiction?

Thousands of people use special ‘brainwave’ audio sessions to get to sleep. Just slip on your headphones and click Play. Learn more on this page!

Sleep Salon