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Release The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

BRAINWAVES Use your brain constructively Scientific research maintains that the brain is divided into three large main sections. The forebrain, midbrain and hindbrain. The forebrain thinks, the midbrain feels and the hindbrain regulates bodily functions i.e. pulse, blood pressure, respiration etc. The brain sends out five different types of signals. When a particular type of brainwave is dominant, then you are said to be in that state of conciousness. Sound waves convey messages Scientific research proved several decades ago that specific frequencies affect the brain more than others. These sound waves create and affect the electrical activity in the brain and the effects can be observed both with EEG instruments as well as peoples own subjective experiences. Among the leading scientific Read more [...]

Celebrating Super Mind Music’s Success with Free Listening of Effortless Efficiency

The Super Mind Music Collection is pretty phenomenal -- isn’t it?  Not sure we ever told you that it was Iain’s brainchild and that he spends a great deal of time searching for the best music, mixing the tracks and working with Jeff Gignac on incorporating just the right brain wave entrainment for each piece.  Each one of your testimonials motivates him to keep the collection growing -- and challenges him to create more and more pieces to help us all live our highest and best lives. * This piece, Effortless Efficiency, is one of the first albums released, and it is also one of my favorites.  I use it every time I am paying bills (what a difference it makes) as well as when I have to get something done that I have been procrastinating.  For me it has been miraculous Read more [...]